Welcome to First Baptist Church of Killeen!

Since you are here, I’m guessing that you are seeking information about our church. You may be a member trying to get some details on an upcoming event. (The link to the newsletter would be a good place to start). You may be new to our church trying to find out as much as possible before you “risk” a visit. Or you may be one of our members now serving in some far away place. We have so many in Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany, Korea, and all over America. Anywhere the army is, a part of First Baptist Church is there too!

As you seek to connect with First Baptist, please keep in mind that God is also seeking to connect with you. He wants to be in regular contact with you, and through his spirit he is just a breath away. He is as close as your next thought! So don’t wait till Sunday to connect with our most powerful and awesome God. Connect with him right now in private prayer and meditation.

In Christ,
Pastor Randy Wallace