A 30 Week Study Ongoing Now


From 2012 to 2013, our church went through the entire Bible, cover to cover, in thirty sessions called The Story. Simply put, The Story answered the question “What is the Bible all about?”

Believe is the follow up and answers the questions of “Who?” “How?” and “Why?”


Part 1 of Believe discusses who God is, who the church is, who we are in Christ, who humanity is, and more. For ten sessions, Believe teaches about thinking like Jesus.


Part 2 of Believe teaches about how we put The Story into practice in our worship, prayer, Bible study, devotion, Biblical community, spiritual gifts, and the sharing of time, resources, and faith. For another third of our time, we will be looking at how to act like Jesus.


Part 3 is the “why” of our faith: our Beliefs! In ten sessions, we will look at the fruit of the Holy Spirit, beginning with Love. We are becoming more like Christ, and love leads us to joy, peace, self-control, hope, patience, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness, and humility.


Our prayer is that we will be transformed to become a new people, a new church, and a new community in Christ as our preschool, children, youth, and adult LifeGroups go through these thirty sessions called Believe together. Even our worship services will use these themes as we unite in this study and understanding of God’s Word.

On Sunday, September 11, we will kick off this sequel to The Story. For those in LifeGroups which choose not to study Believe on Sunday morning, for those who don’t attend Sunday morning LifeGroups, or for teachers who want to preview the lesson each week, associate pastor Tim McKeown will “pre-teach” each session on the preceding Wednesday evening, beginning September 7.

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